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Disable SSL for Deployment from server?


all my clients canot download any Software because of an SSL error.

I don't know why I get this error, client logfile only log "SSL error".

Can I disable the usage of SSL from the ocs server so I don't have to change anything on the client?


asked ago in OCS Inventory NG server for Unix by (700 points)

5 Answers

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To disable SSL for deployement, you need to add ssl=0 in the client configuration.

If you do that, you open all your agent to a big security hole that allow anybody to take the control of all your computers.

Disable a security is a very bad idea. So correct your ssl problem is the best option.
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I would correct the problem if the client would give more debug output. But without more debug for the curl lib its like poking in the dark.

I have about 100 clients which I can't deploy packages because of the ssl error. So I have to configure manual all the 100 clients?
answered ago by (700 points)
instead of modify ssl option, modify debug option on one agent and look what is the real error to correct it ;)
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Even with raising the debug level for the agent: There isn't more debug output for the libcurl.

So it helps nothing for a ssl error.
answered ago by (700 points)
If you come on IRC, I will try to help you with your ssl error :)

If you can't : explain how you made your certificat ? Do you use a DNS name to access to your server ?
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Try to get online at IRC, waiting for the mail for registering my nick
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Can you write me a mail to ds at marco.de?

I can't log in at IRC.
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