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Problems with plugin preview

Hello friends,

I need a force ...

I have a CENTOS 7 server with ocs in version 2.6, and I am trying to install some plugins. I was able to install and collect Uptime and driver information, but when I went to install the rest, the information didn't appear in the management console.

Example: Security or Office Pack Field Filled with "Processing" Message

I thought it would be a problem with the windows agent, which is installed on version 2.6.0 .. but I generated a .xml and it apparently contains the secutiry info ...

How can I solve this?
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1 Answer

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The security plugin info is found under the software tab of each computer. Shared folders is under configuration tab. Uptime, network share, check files and windows users info is under the miscelaneous tab. I mean, we have to check where the info is shown because that info is missing in the plugins documentation :(
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