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Some agents giving HTTP Status Code #500 errors

I installed a new OCS server (version 2.5) last week, and I'm having issues getting agents to connect.  Some aren't connecting at all, some have connected a few times, but then stopped being able to, and others are not having any problems.  Agent versions are a mix of 2.1-2.3 (they were installed previously and I haven't updated all of them), but there's no pattern to which ones work and which don't.  The password is correct everywhere, and I can get to the server just fine on a machine that's currently failing.  The failures have "ERROR *** AGENT => Failed to send Prolog <HTTP Status Code #500>" in the log.  I saw some references to a missing column in the networks table, but I checked and it's there.

The only error showing in the Apache error log when I try and fail to connect is "Not a HASH reference at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/Apache/Ocsinventory/Server/Capacities/Ipdiscover.pm"
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UPDATE:  My own machine is one of the ones that did work for a while, then stopped.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the agent - no luck.  And this machine can definitely get to the IP/DNS name of the server.  Some (but not all) other machines are connecting just fine.

Hmmm...just got an interesting test result.  I unplugged my machine from the wired ethernet...on wifi, it works.  Wired and wireless machines are on the same subnet/VLAN, and again I can still ping and go to the web interface for the server on either connection.  I wonder if it's not the connection that's the problem per se...  Looking at the line of perl that's giving the error, it's:

    my $lanToDiscover = $current_context->{'PARAMS'}{'IPDISCOVER'}->{'TVALUE'};

So it's connecting, but something about how that line returns differently when on the wired vs the wifi is causing the error, maybe?  It doesn't seem to be restricted to wired vs wifi, though - I have a couple of virtual machines that are working, and a couple of others that aren't.

Definitely stumped, and really would love to get this working sooner rather than later.  If anyone's got anything they can think of for me to check/test, I'd really appreciate it!
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