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Windows agent in HyperV host not reporting any VMs


Thank in advance for your support, and for making this software possible. This is my first post: it took me a while to realize that the catchup is "inventory"  and not "Inventory" or the French version ;-)

We're new to it, and had been installing it (along with GLPI) during one week as a Docker container in Centos 7.5.

But we came up with a problem with the Windows 2.4 agent: It does not report nor sends any info to the Miscellaneous tab of the Server, while the Linux V2.4.2 sends it no problem.

As we have bigger number of 2008,2012 R2 Windows Servers running HyperV, this poses a problem.


Manuel F.
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Why is this empty? (Win 2012 with several HyperV guests)

While CentOS 7.5 with KVM, or Docker in this case, is fully populated:

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I too am having this issue with Hyper-V and there seems to be no responses from the OCS team on any of the queries. is it a server setting or agent setting we are missing?


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