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Compatibility with Asus and MSI laptops


is OCS 2.x compability with ASUS vivobook pro15 n580gd (bios version 308) or MSI GF63 8RD (bios version E16R1IMS.108)?

Thanks for your help.
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Hi @Daisy,

which Operating system ?

The OCS agent is an overlay of the operating system and if it is supported, I do not see what can be problematic.

At worst, some informations from the Bios not reported…

> Optionally, you can install the OCS agent on one of your machines and take inventory locally (OCS icon, execute OCS inventory now) > No need to have a OCS server online for that !

Regards, Stéphane
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Thank you for your reply.

OS - Windows 10 PRO.

When I asked ASUS about working OCS on their laptop I recived such answer: "Which protocol OCS uses to connect with BIOS Asset Tag? Does OCS supports AMI and Phoenix ?(because they use AMI but without direct recall to asset tag). Does it download data from BIOS or UEFI?



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