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ssl on server with deployment

I wish to deploy packages via OCS NG server  2.2 but there is no SSL.

There is no certificate on server. I have hundred of clients.

I install CA on server and I enable SSL, I'm able to deploy package ?

What happens to others client if I install SSL on server? I lost communications to existing agents?
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Server side : Don't forget to activate deploy and download on your server configuration !

Client side : Use Ocspackager and build a installation package for agent with your parameters except this two :  /server=https://yourserver:443/inventory/ /ssl=1

Include the new certificat, use correct administrator credential, finish building.Deploy the fresh ocspackage.exe on client with GPO or script.

Nothing append to client when you install and configure sll on server : invetory use http, and deployement use only https


EDIT : Modified, thank to franck

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So clients communicate to server for inventory using port 80 ? While https communication among client and server is used only when Server deploys package?
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/server=https://yourserver:443/ocsinventory and NOT /server=https://yourserver:443/ocsreports. 



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Very sorry for my mistake and big thank to Franck for the good syntaxe...merci ;-) i ve edited my first reply

Yes, http 80 (default port) for inventory and https 443 (defaut port too) when client have to download package.

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