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Release 2.6 available

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Differences between 2.1.2 and 2.5

Where I can see new codes for accountinfo fields types (i.e. "1=radio", "4=checkbox" etc)? And what was the reason to change these?

Why there are no "blob", "qrcode" and some other field types? I've uploaded some documents to accountsinfo related to specific computers, now I have no access to these.

Why can't I EDIT the field definition?

And what ugly new design... F...king "material design"? I'm not "office user", I don't need " smooth transitions" and paper-white blinding backgrounds...:Very disappointed with 2.5.
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Hy, i also was disappointed from the new look in OCS-Inventory after 2.1.2 - but i think they switched, because of security reasons.

The new design is much more unclear in my opinion because everything has the same color - only little lines etc.

I also frustratet beause all the administraive Data cannot be migrated without data los, beause most of the checkboxes aren't working afterwards or just doesn't have a checkmark.

For me the "material" design is a large step backward for this great Programm - but my hope is that they unveil a theme or something like this.

I think everyone is switching to "material" "design because someone started it - but i really don't know why

Kind regards
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