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[error] Deflating Problem [closed]


I'm sorry for my bad english skills but i try my best. I'm from Germany so a German answer would be very nice but english is also fine. :)

I tried to set up OCS Inventory. I installed the ocs server 2.5 with the repository package of debian buster. The Server seems to work. Than i installed the Unix Agent 2.4.2 on my Linux Mint 19 PC. I installed it also with the repository package.

My problem is when i start the agent with

sudo ocsinventory-agent --debug

he gives me this response

sudo ocsinventory-agent --info --debug
[debug] Ocsinventory unified agent for UNIX, Linux and MacOSX 2.4.2
[debug] Log system initialised (Stderr)
[debug] --scan-homedirs missing. Don't scan user directories
[debug] Accountinfo file: /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/http:__ocsinventory.intern.bfw-dresden.de_ocsinventory-reports_/ocsinv.adm
[debug] OCS Agent initialised
[debug] Turns hooks on for /etc/ocsinventory/modules.conf
[debug] Ocsinventory unified agent for UNIX, Linux and MacOSX 2.4.2
[debug] Log system initialised (Stderr)
[debug] Calling handlers : `start_handler'
[debug] [download] Calling download_start_handler
[debug]  - LWP loaded
[debug]  - LWP::Protocol::https loaded
[debug] Compress::Zlib is available.
[debug] Calling handlers : `prolog_writer'
[debug] sending XML
[debug] sending: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
[error] Deflating problem

My /etc/ocsinventory/ocsinventory-agent.cfg :

proxyPort = 3128
port = 80
#proxy =
debug = 2

I think .../ocsinventory-reports/ must be fine because i moved this from /usr/share/... to /var/www/html/...  to get the Webinterface working

I used WireShark to find a problem. So i found out that the agent is trying to send to the log in page because wireshark showed me that the server is giving response with the html skript of the log-in page.     is this right? i didn't think so but i don't find a solution to fix it

Thanks in advance !

i hope someone can help me with my problem

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2 Answers

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Little Update from my site.

i figured out that my problem must be on my server. i guess it can't create this virtual directory /ocsinventory what is needed to get inventorys from clients.

so the called URL http://ocs_server/ocsinventory will not be found.

Potentially now someone can help me with this issue?

i also set loglevel in apache conf to debug but the logs didn't give me hint.

That's what i get from error.log:

[Fri Apr 05 11:17:01.761049 2019] [core:info] [pid 1309] [client] AH00128: File does not exist: /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsinventory

i will go on with my issue but some help would be very nice :)

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I only wanted to say that i solved my problem.

i figured out that perl didn't work so i did

a2enmod perl.load

systemctl restart apache2

and now my server received the inventorys

if someone got the same problem maybe this is your solution :)
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