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How to get disk space for several servers ? [closed]


My question seems to have been already asked but, as I have been unable to find the response on the OCS forum, I ask again the question :

I would like to know how to do for displaying disk and storage information into an Excel report, with several servers.

I'm searching for getting one (or more) columns which can give, for each server belonging to a list of servers, the physical disk space and logical partitions that we usually find when we query a specific server.

Is there a solution to solve this issue ?

If yes, please, what are the versions available which could provide such a report ?

If no solution exists today, thanks also to confirm it.

  • OCS server 2.0
  • OCS Windows agent 2.0.5
  • OCS Unix agent 2.0.5 - 2.1.1 - 2.4.1

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

closed with the note: This is the best response I received and it helped me a lot. Thanks a lot.
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6 Answers

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hy, 2 options

1. just use glpi (which can automatcally import ocs-inventory computers)

GLPI is able to search or nearly anything - which ocs-inventory can't do

2. search for "Disk(s): Free space" larger than 0 MB - and computername exactly "xy" or exactly xyz and so forth in ocs-inventory

Make a group from the result - now you can get a csv with the table "empty" space

You must customize your search to your needs - but in principle ocs-inventory is able to create more detailed result tables  if you have a search value  (in this case - free space)

Kind regards

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Hello Sokatra,

It's nice of you answering me.

But unfortunately we don't have installed GLPI on our infrastructure. And I don't really understand your second option.

I just want to get an inventory of my computer park with a column which displays the total space disk available for each server, as I can with "RAM (MB)" option, "CPU type" option, "CPU number" option, "Model" option, "Operating system" option and so forth.

With such a report displayed on my screen, I will be able to export data and download it to an Excel sheet.

Thanks for your assistance.

Best regards

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hy plaz, as i explained in option 2 - you must search for free disk space - the you get a list where the column "free disk space" can be shown in the result via "add column" after search - which wasn't possible if you don't search for it! The trick is to search for a Information and get a result which can be exported as csv.

Sadly this trick doen't work with the option search for "Storage - disk size".

You can search for it - and you get a result - but you can't add the column in the result view!

The normal computer overview can't show you the same information.

But sadly you can't search for anything in ocs 2.1.2 - this is only possible via GLPI or OCS-Inventory 2.6

i hope i clarified it a little bit.

Option 3 is to serach via mysql - but this is more complex.

Kind regards
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Hello Sokatra,

I think I have now understood : I must search for free disk space (for example disk C:) - then I get a list where the column "Disk: Capacity" can be shown in the result via "Add column" after search - which wasn't possible if you don't search for it!

I must do this disk search for each disk (C:, D:, E:...) and add the disk capacities to get the total disk capacity of each computer.

While waiting for the new OCS version 2.6, I will use your option 2.

The option 3 is much more interesting but I don't know how to manage it. By chance and please, do you have a solution to provide me ?

Still many thanks for your help and your time spent for me.

Best Regards,

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do you know how to use mysql ? do you have access to the ocs inventory database ?

The you can execute the following command to see all Computer with less than 2000MB space on drive c

Select NAME, LETTER, Free from drives JOIN  hardware ON hardware.id = drives.hardware_id where drives.free <2000 and drives.letter like 'C:'

This is just an example -but i don't have time to figure out the exact query regarding your question.You can also get all hdd drives and so forth - but i recommend to install GLPI or update OCS-Inventory to Version 2.6

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Hello Sokatra,

Apologies but I forgot to register my response. Here it is :

Hello Sokatra,

Unfortunately, I don't know how to use MySQL commands and I really understand that you haven't time to spend for me.

It was very kind of you to answer my questions that helped me a lot. Your recommendations were very constructive and useful for me.

Therefore, I will certainly install the last version 2.6 of OCS Inventor in the near future and as I said, I will use in the meantime the option 2 you gave me before .

Now I can close this discussion and once again I thank you for your valuable assistance.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,


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