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How to detect virtual machine (VM)?



I am looking for information about a way to detect the virtual machines that are installed on hosts that run an agent (linux and windows).


I have a few hosts (Windows and Linux) where I have installed OCS agent. All my hosts runs virtual machine (Windows and/or Linux) on a hypervisor (VirtualBox for linux and some Windows host, Hyper-V for windows host).

All my hosts are able to report to my OCS server, but there is a problem. They do not report about the fact that they host virtual machine.


I am wandering if there is a way to discover virtual machine. If so, how to discover virtual machines?


I've found in the source code of agents (windows and linux) that there is a module that scan for VMs. I haven't found the way to run that module. Maybe it is always launch?


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Whcih version of ocs server and agent are you running?


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