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WP+OCSinventory problem (/ocsinventory #404)


I have a site in Wordpress and OCS installed in same server.
http://mysite.com works ok, Wordpress site.

http://mysite.com/ocsreports works ok, the OCS Gui start and I can login.

http:/mysite.com/ocsinventory should show 400 bad request but instead shows a Wordpress 404 error.

If I remove my wordpress site (or rename the directory in the server) all works fine, the agents see the server, etc.

I've seen that /ocsreports is configured as an alias but /ocsinventory is not so it seems that when Apache receives http://mysite.com/ocsinventory it's redirected to the wordpress site.

Any hint to configure the server so /ocsinventory does no ends in my wordpress site and works as it should?
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1 Answer

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Wordpress use a .htaccess with many rules that may conflict with the file ocsinventory-server.conf.

I may be a good idea to look in this way to merge all rules and get both working.
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