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Erreur Runtime when try to delete package after deployment


I was trying to deploy a package in order to store it in the C:\users\public\ and sometimes, i have an error. This error appears when the agent tries to delete the "build.zip" in the APPDATA folder. Agent downloads all fragments, uncompress it well, then tries to delete but can't. And the status stay as "Notified", then, after x minutes, goes to "ERR_TOO_MANY_TRY". And this error will appear twice or more after the deployment.


OCS Server Version : 2.1.2

OCS Agent version :

Thanks a lot for your help

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I had a thumbs.db in the packet i stored. OCS Bug when it tries to erase it.

Thanks team
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Reports the windows error raised when ocs try to store the package.
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Nom de l’application défaillante Download.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x503dd695
Nom du module défaillant : MSVCR90.dll, version : 9.0.30729.8387, horodatage : 0x51ea24a5
Code d’exception : 0x40000015
Décalage d’erreur : 0x0005beae
ID du processus défaillant : 0x498
Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d00b170524dfec
Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\Download.exe
Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: C:\windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.8387_none_5094ca96bcb6b2bb\MSVCR90.dll
ID de rapport : 6def28ec-770a-11e4-8273-fea6fa57b429
Nom complet du package défaillant :
ID de l’application relative au package défaillant :
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