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Release 2.8 available

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Feedback on docker installation on MacOS using 2.8


new here, first of all, thanks for the job!

I tried to set a new server for my network with 2.8 running through docker. I saw different issues:

1. I can't get correct times in local format (french). I needed to force /etc/localtime link in both ocs server and db server to use my locales (Europe/Paris)

2. While trying extensions, I saw that, despite python3 and scp module installation requirements in Dockerfile, I had to set it up by hand.

3. While trying to restart my docker image I was experiencing and infinite restart loop probably due to an existing apache pid file. I saw a typo in /usr/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh as my httpd pid file is not /var/run/httpd.pid as defined in the APACHE_PID_FILE environment variable but in /var/run/httpd/ 

Hope this will help




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Had some answers:

- yum not found

- sudo not found

I had to patch the Dockerfile



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