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OCS 2.2RC1 LDAP MemberOf attrubute

Hi, I had successfully configured LDAP authentication for 2.2 RC2. LDAP authenticates users but it seems to ommit the memberof attribute in config. To be able to enable ldap login i had to apply a little patch:

modify backend/identity/methode/ldap.php lines :


With above all AD users are able to login but all of them are given sadmin role. Looks like memberOf attribute is not checked.

My LDAP config is:

CONEX_LDAP_SERVEUR:IP of domain controller (MS AD 2008r2)
CONEX_ROOT_DN: DN of user who is used to query AD
CONEX_ROOT_PW: pass for above
CONEX_DN_BASE_LDAP: OU=it,OU=OurUsers,DC=domain,DC=name
CONEX_LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE: CN=grp.ocs.admin,OU=OurGroups,DC=domain,DC=name
CONEX_LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_ROLE: Super Administrators

FIELD 2 and rest are unconfigured.

Above config works perfectly on version 2.1.2 of OCS server. 


I think I have found a possible bug in ldap:

when I have uncommented debug in in /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/backend/identity/methode/ldap.php it appeared:

field1: memberOf value=CN=grp.ocs.admin,OU=OurGroups,DC=domain,DC=name condition: CN=grp.ocs.admin,OU=OurGroups,DC=domain,DC=name role=sadmin level=
field2: value= condition: role=admin level=
user: jan.kos will have level= and role=sadmin

Above user doesn't belong to ldap group: grp.ocs.admin. Seems to me, that

condition is copied to value somewhere. Am I right?

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Ok, I have managed to fix is for my pourpose by editing:



$gr_output = $info[0]['memberof'];
//save user groups in session as separate data as well.


Changed whole section of LDAP casing to:

/*uncomment for debug
        echo ("<pre>");
        echo ("session information:<br>");
        echo ("f1_name: ".$f1_name."<br>");
        echo ("f1_value: ".$f1_value."<br>");
        echo ("f2_name: ".$f2_name."<br>");
        echo ("f2_value: ".$f2_value."<br>");
        echo ("f2_value2: ".$f2_value2."<br>");
        echo ("</pre>");
        echo ("<pre>GROUPS:<br>");
        echo ("</pre>");
        echo ("default Role: ".$defaultRole."</br>");
    //echo("USER is a member of the following groups: <pre>");
if ($f1_value != '')
    //FIXME: casing? -> 'memberOf'
    if ($f1_name == "memberOf")
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo("<b>Field 1 is set TO</b> LDAP attribute <b>".$f1_value."</b><br>");
        // search through ldap user groups

        if (in_array($f1_value, $usr_gr))
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo ("user :<b>".$_SESSION['OCS']["loggeduser"]." is a member</b> of group: <b>".$f1_value."</b><br>");
        //echo ("and will be granted role: <b>".$config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_ROLE']."</b><br>");
    } /*else {
        echo ("user :".$_SESSION['OCS']["loggeduser"]." is  NOT a member of group: ".$f1_value."<br>");
        echo ("so user will be granted standard user role:<br>");
        //echo ("LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE: ".$config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE']."<br>");
        //echo ("f1_value: ".$f1_value."<br>");
        //if ($f1_value == $config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE']) {
        echo("now, default role is:  ".$defaultRole."<br>");
    } else {
        if ($f1_value2 == $config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE']) {
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo ("<b>Field 1 is NOT set</b> to LDAP attribute <b>memberof</b><br>");
        //echo("<b>Now, default role is:  ".$defaultRole."</b><br>");
    //the idea here is to iterate through the groups array looking for a match
    //if we find it, unset the array and store only the match, else leave as it is
    foreach($f1_value as $group){        
        if ($group == $config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD1_VALUE'])

    //the if below is now redundant since we already know that we have a match
    //the coding can be improved, but the logic works.
    //END NEW
if ($f2_value != '')
{    //IF below secures higher privileges from granted by field 1 to be overwritten by field2
    if ($defaultRole !="sadmin" ) {
   if ($f2_name == "memberOf")
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo("<b>Field 2 is set TO</b> LDAP attribute <b>".$f2_value."</b><br>");
        // search through ldap user groups
        if (in_array($f2_value, $usr_gr))
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo ("user :".$_SESSION['OCS']["loggeduser"]." is a member of group: ".$f2_value."<br>");
        //echo ("and will be granted role: ".$config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD2_ROLE']."<br>");
    } else {
        if ($f2_value2 == $config['LDAP_CHECK_FIELD2_VALUE']) {
        //uncomment for debug
        //echo ("Field 2 is <b>NOT</b> set to LDAP attribute <b>memberof</b><br>");
        //echo ("Field 2 Value of: <b>".$f2_value2." </b>will be taken into account.<br>");
        //echo("<b>Now, default role is:  ".$defaultRole."</b><br>");

Sources attached at:


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It works! Thank you! :)
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