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Problem with Agent Deploy Tool in Win 8/10

Hi, I am trying to install remotely the agent in Windows 8 and 10 PCs, however I received an error like this:

Host <> Testing connection to remote host...
Host <> Trying to connect to remote host...
Host <> Trying to get remote "Program Files" and "ProgramData" directories using Registry...
Host <> *** Warning *** Unable to access Registry on remote host:  Acceso denegado.

Host <> *** Warning *** Unable to access Registry on remote host:  Controlador no vĂ¡lido.

Host <> Trying to get remote"Program Files" directory using PsExec...

I enabled Remote Registry service (which was down) and File and Print Sharing in all network adapters, also I disabled Firewall, Antivirus or any Security Software but doesn't work. I have no problems installing the agent directly in the PC (no remotely with Agent Tool) or in older Windows version.

I appreciate any help to resolve this issue. I guess someone else also had problems installing remotely on Win8/10.

Thanks in advance.
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1 Answer

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I got the same problem.

I try to use the OCS Deployment Tool to deploy on a Windows 10 machine, but i always get the errors mentioned in the issue above.
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