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Deployment Agent not admin priviliges


When I am deploying packages it does not run as an Administrator.

I tested by using a script that writes Y or N depending on the user priviliges:

set admin=N
set domain=%USERDOMAIN%\
If /i "%domain%" EQU "%computername%\" set domain=
set user=%domain%%username%
for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('net localgroup administrators^|find /i "%user%"') do set admin=Y

echo %admin% >> admin.txt

My computers are not in a Windows domain.

When running locally as Administrator this writes Y but when running with OCS it writes N.

When I echo %username% (with the Agent) it writes computername$ which seems more like a windows domain/kerberos authentication.

Does your OCS deployment run as an administrator?
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1 Answer

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OCS deployment run as service, not as administrator.

Service account have more right than an admin account.
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OK, Thank you :)
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