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PERL module Apache::DBI in Centos 7

In Centos 7 I tried to install OCS server but I got this error:

Checking for Apache::DBI PERL module...
*** ERROR: PERL module Apache::DBI is not installed !

I cannot find this package in EPEL repository, suggestions please?

I need to install Apache2::SOAP and Apache::DBI. I'd like to avoid cpan.

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3 Answers

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Hi Ricky,

Install via CPAN:

#yum install mod_perl perl-CPAN perl-Archive-Zip  perl-Net-IP perl-XML-Simple perl-SOAP-Lite.noarch perl-ExtUtils-Embed perl-XML-Entities -y

>install YAML
>install ModPerl::MM
>install Apache2::SOAP
>install Apache::DBI

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Hi Ricky,

On Centos7:

Do the following

Install "cpan" using YUM

yum install -y cpan

cpan or perl -MCPAN -e shell

install Apache::DBI (Perl Module for Apache)

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Hi Ricky,

I need to install Apache2::SOAP and Apache::DBI. I'd like to avoid cpan.

Currently, there is no other way than using cpan. I have tried to use alternate perl-Apache-DBI listed under the link below, but I could not get it to work.


I did however get it to work with cpan.

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