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64 bit software not showing up for computer software

We have installed a bunch of software on a few computers that is 64 bit software such as Microsoft Office 2013. When I go look at a few computers I do not see this software installed. If I uninstall it and install a 32 bit version of MS Office 2013, I do see the software appearing on the server when I manually select that computer and looked at the installed software.

Just to test this further, I downloaded and installed both 32 and 64 bit of firefox installed on a computer, ran ocs client agent and it reported the changes back to the server. Only the 32 bit client for firefox appeared.

Why is OCS server not detecting the 64 bit application? Is it because the OS I am running is windows 7 64 bit and running a 32 bit OCS client (as I cannot find a 64 bit client)?

I really need it to detect the 64 bit applications as well. Hope you can help.
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