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How can remove/set column like Account INFO : TAG from main page ?

Hi, can  i customize the list of info i would like to show in the main page of OCS.

Like remove  "Account INFO : TAG" and insert/move some other columns in another way?

Thanks a lot
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OCS Reports version?
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Version OCSReports: 2.3

OCS Server : 2.2.1

OS Centos 7
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In the middle of a screen, is there a ComboBox where you can Show/Hide some columns.
Is that what you meant?
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Mib thanks, i already try to use it but all the time i reconnect to OCS the view come back to default.

my question is related  to create a "template default  view" or can choice based on user profile the correct view of info.

IT have to see directly some info, busness other. i've to manage 2.500 PDL.

I need to see some field and not unuseful info like TAG.

can be a good enanchement for usability.
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