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Why is the Linux agent trying to open a graphical application? [closed]

Agent: Ocsinventory unified agent for UNIX, Linux and MacOSX (2.3)

OS: Ubuntu Server 14.04

Problem: When I run the agent manually (to debug my new installation), I get a message saying it tries to open an X11 window. Since this is a server and I am connected via SSH, there is no graphical display.

root@serverXXXX:~# ocsinventory-agent --force
Can't open display

The "Can't open display" line is the standard message when a script tries to open a graphical program. What's the cause? How do I debug this?

EDIT 2017-03-31: I think I found it. The log contains:

[Fri Mar 31 04:40:03 2017][debug] Running Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::Generic::Lspci::Videos
[Fri Mar 31 04:40:03 2017][debug]  - xrandr found

Xrandr is used to query the video modes. This is useless in a headless server. So is there a config option for disabling the video modes queries in the agent?

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2 Answers

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You can run with --debug options and then check the ocsinventory-agent.log file for errors
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There is no option to disable video inventory.


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