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Cannot establish communication : 500 Internal Server Error

When installing new ocsinventory-agents inventory is not sent and the error occurs: "Cannot establish communication : 500 Internal Server Error" . Agents that are already installed work normally and send the inventory correctly. The versoin of OcsINventory-server  2.3.1 and OCSInventory-agent 2.0.5. SO of server is  Debian 8 and clients are Ubuntu 14 and 16. All softwares requirements of server were attended.

Latest lines from Apache error log : [mpm_prefork:notice] Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) OpenSSL/1.0.1t mod_perl/2.0.9dev Perl/v5.20.2 configured --resuming normal operations

and activity.log

Fri May 12 08:57:30 2017;21325;103;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;prolog;new_deviceid
Fri May 12 08:57:30 2017;21325;103;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;snmp;error: agent must communicate using https to be able to get SNMP communities (only affects OCS unix agent) !!
Fri May 12 08:57:30 2017;21325;100;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;prolog;accepted
Fri May 12 08:57:30 2017;21325;311;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;session;started
Fri May 12 08:57:33 2017;21325;319;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;session;found
Fri May 12 08:57:33 2017;21325;104;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;inventory;incoming
Fri May 12 08:57:33 2017;21325;528;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;accountinfos;missing
Fri May 12 08:57:34 2017;21325;515;cibld313-2017-05-12-08-14-29;;OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.0.5;end;error

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