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Plugin data not obtained from the clients/agents

Hello to all,

I've installed latest version of OCS via GitHub on CentOS7. All works well. then I've installed some plugins (via GitHub Repo as well) like:

  • winupdate
  • officepack
  • Network Share

I've instelled they as descrived in the Wiki (upload zip and install). The GUI on the server shows me the new tabs. I.e. on a windows client, if I select "Miscellaneous" I can see "WINDOWS UPDATE STATE" and "NETWORK SHARE". Then under Plugins Menu there is a item: "Office Key Management".

All those tabs are empty.

I've of course copied the vbs scripts on the client and tested them manually. Executing this:

OCSInventory.exe /local="D:\test" /force /xml="D:\test"

I'm able to get an XLS file with proper data and in the XML there are informations like OFFICEPACK, NETWORKSHARE, WINUPDATESTATE, but seems those informations are not sent or parsed server-side.

Only the default data are sent to the server, but no plugin data.

How can I debug it?



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I've additional informations.

Even if the XML created on the client shows me office,winupdate,network-shares informations, those are not sent. Eenabling the query log on the MySQL server, the plugin tables are not touched. They exist, it means the plugin are installed correctly. Only no data is populated from the client.

Thanks, Simon
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This morning I've got Office License informations, but still no informations for Widows Update or Network Shares.

Again, is there a way to debug the whole process and see what is parsed on the server?

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I've some informations more. Seems related to scripts that are collecting informations from the local registry.

I've tried winupdate.vps to execute it manually and redirect the output to a file. The file is correctly generated. But if I execute it from the Agent Service, the file is created, but empty. How to grant the access to the local register from the VBS?


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Hello to all,

At the end I've solved myself at the end the issue with the winupdate plugin....

It's related to a 64bit system which is executing a 32bit script. This invokes a 32bit HKLM tree instead to the 64bit which contains the needed data.

If someone is interested in, I could share the modified script.

Bye, Simon

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Hi  @xefil,

I'm interested in the solution you found. I'm trying to identify the officepack space in the xml that generates the instruction you mention, but I do not identify it. Additionally, I do not see information sent to the server. could you help me?
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