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How does the Windows Agent create its list of software, particularily the list of installed Windows updates.

I have some Windows Agents that are not reporting the full list of installed Windows updates. The problem seems to be only related to Windows 7 and Server 2008. The majority of Agents on Win7/2008 report the full list of Windows updates successfully. Creating a local inventory file seems to indicate that the issue is with the Agent creation of the data, and not with how the data is handled by the OCS server, as the resulting local XML does not contain all the installed Windows updates. I tried upgrading one of the problem systems with Agent, and it had the same issue.

So my question to the OCSng community .... can someone tell me how the Windows OCSng Agent generates its software list? If I can manually generate the software list using the same method that the Agent uses, it might help me debug the issue.
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i think this is related to this bug

WMI GetHotFixes randomly report 0 objects


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