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snmp not working [closed]

Hello. I am trying to use the snmp agent functionality for a more complete scan data, but I don't achieve my goal. I follow the article:


And the agent is correctly registered to my ocs ng 2.3 server (By the way, the snmp agent is the same machine as the ocs ng server... I dont' know if this is a problem) and sends the inventoru correctly. My agent.log is no errors, and connecting correctly with the server. It scans the network as a normal IpDiscover scan.

But a have not results about snmp scans.

The agent, and server at the same time, is a debian 8 machine. The server is working on https way and no errors about the ssl connection.

The output of the perl /etc/ocsinventory-agent/modules.conf command is empty, and the output of the  ocsinventory-agent --debug command is empty too.

I really I will apreciate some of help.

Edit: I have configured another machine (debian 7, in this case) with the OCS-NG agent and I configured it as a snmp scan, and I have exactly  the same results: the agent registers to the server, and send the inventory, but nothing about snmp scan.
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2 Answers

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Do you have an SSL certificat on your server and agent ? If yes, look if you do your inventory on https.
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Thanks kapouik.

I solved the problem last week.

My clients connects to the OCS sever throught a reverse proxy, and the communications only were https from the proxy to the clients. The communication from the proxy to the ocs server was on http.

I solved the problem configuring https on both communications.

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