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Ocsinventory agent under linux not send ip address hosts


i have install a ocsinventory agent (2.3) under linux (Centos 7)

I schedule the agent with crontab with this command:

10 * * * * ocsinventory-agent -s -f <ip ocsserver>

but in the server ocs  i don't see the host ip address .

But i launch the some command by terminal the ip address is displayed.


Thanks very much
asked Oct 3 in OCS Inventory NG agent for Unix by ljt (340 points)

3 Answers

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At first, prefer use DNS instead of IP address : that's better :)

You look like to have not configure the agent : if you put the server's address in the configuration file, there is no need to force the inventory by command line. You just need to call ocsinventory-agent and nothing more.

Attention, in the crontab, you have no path : use the full path to call ocsinventory-agent (command whereis to get it).
answered Oct 3 by kapouik (14,920 points)
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thanks for your reply.

In crontab i have use full path to call ocs agent and the dns but don't work.

My code for cron:

00 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ocsinventory-agent -s ocs.server.lan

With this code the hosts is register in ocs server but the ip and the ram not displayed.

If i launch the command by console the ip and the ram are displayed.

Help me please.

answered Oct 4 by ljt (340 points)
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Post ocsinventory-agent.log file content. I want to be sure that all prerequisites modules are installed.


answered 6 days ago by frankb (48,690 points)
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