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OCS Agent 2.3.1 (Windows) - Memory leak

I have the Resources Monitor opened and the assigned memory keeps growing, and also, there is a very notorius and evident difference in the memory consumption among several computers revised (!). Here some data, one for a Windows 10 computer and one for a Windows 2012 Server:

Windows 10 computer

  • Initital values:
    • Commit (reserved memory for OcsService): 98 MB 
    • Working Set (memory in use): 13 MB
  • 1 hour later:
    • Commit (reserved memory for OcsService): 103 MB (+5 MB)
    • Working Set (memory in use): 17 MB (+4 MB)

Server Windows 2012

  • Initital values:
    • Commit (reserved memory for OcsService):  44 MB 
    • Working Set (memory in use): 48 MB
  • 01:20 hours later:
    • Commit (reserved memory for OcsService): 49 MB (+5 MB)
    • Working Set (memory in use): 53 MB (+5 MB)

And OcsSystray.exe has: 3 MB reserved, and no more than10 MB of memory used in all computers and servers revised.

Just after restarting the windows 10 computer, and the Resources Monitor shows only:

  • Commited memory: 6 MB 
  • Working Set: 13 MB

By the way, if I use the Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) instead the Resource Monitor, the values of used memory are (total physical memory reserved for virtual processes):

  • Windows 10 computer: 4 MB, OcsSystray.exe: 1.5 MB

Well, I revised both a Windows 10 computer and a Windows 2012 Server with OcsAgent 2.3.0 and the commited and working set are just around 5 MB for the first one and 5 and 10 MB for the server. So it seems to me, there is a memory leak bug!

I opened a bug report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ocsinventory-windows-agent/+bug/1724619

Thank you

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This url is no more valid since 2 years. Declare your issue here => https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/WindowsAgent/issues/new


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