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OFFICEPACK does not send all the info to the db

Hi i ve a strange problem, in a windows client the vbs script of the plugin officepack show correctly 3 versions of the office for that client, also if i lunch manually the creation of the local xml i can see 3 versions in the file:

<PRODUCT>Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007</PRODUCT>

<PRODUCT>Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010</PRODUCT>

<PRODUCT>Office 16, Office16HomeBusinessR_Grace edition</PRODUCT>
<NOTE>The Software Licensing Service reported that the application is running within the valid grace period.</NOTE>

The problem is that in the webserver side are showed only 2 versions of office the one with 2016 not appear in the list and  neither in the table OFFICEPACK of the db.

I can't understand what is wrong in it, i supposed all  things with the correct tag in the xml should be insert in the ocs db.

As further info today i ve try to lunch the inventory manually in the windows client with the command 

OCSInventory.exe /force

And surprise i ve the 3 versions of office showed on the web interface of the server.

The version of OCS INVENTORY in the client is the last :

OCS Inventory NG Agent

Also the version of the plugin is the last Officepack-2.0, and same for the server version OCSReports 2.4



asked Jan 11 in OCS Inventory NG server for Unix by alexchini (200 points)
edited Jan 16 by alexchini

4 Answers

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Hi Samuel,

since the last major release of this plugin, several updates have been released...

Do you use the shared VBS script on GitHub ?


Indeed, the plugins update cycle is independent of that of the server, versions number can be different and yet compatible.

Regards, St├ęphane

answered Jan 14 by steph78630 (16,870 points)
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Hi St├ęphane,

Thanks for your answer, yes i'm using the last version in gitub of the plugin.

I also have try a new installation in a different server and client, and i'm having same behaviour the new release office 16 or 365 compare when i lunch the vbs script, also in the web interface if i use the command prompt in the windows client with /force, But not when i execute it with the icon menu in windows taskbar (i mean "Run OCS inventory NG agent now").

The only thing i notify about the vb script is that the pop up version of office 16 take really long time about 10 seconds, instead other version keep just about 1 second, and also the version <OFFICEVERSION> is not just a number as you can see in the xml file above.


answered Jan 15 by alexchini (200 points)
edited Jan 17 by alexchini
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As further info i ve try to install the agent in the client without register it in the windows service, lunching manually the OCSInventory.exe from windows and also from command prompt without the use of the /force parameter it work and i ve all the office version showed (with also the 2016)

It make me think in a problema about timeout or something like that.

answered Jan 18 by alexchini (200 points)
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Yes, indeed it's strange, there is an improvement of the script to do ...
answered Jan 20 by steph78630 (16,870 points)
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