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edit manual entry in ocs inventory

configure more data fields manual entry in ocs inventory , and how edit this data .
asked Jan 25 in OCS Inventory NG server for Unix by kvlopez (220 points)

4 Answers

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Hi @kvlopez,

you can still manually create new tables or install a plugin...

Can you specify your need ?

Regards, Stéphane
answered Jan 26 by steph78630 (16,910 points)
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this is manual entry. I want to add more fields like ip address, O.S.

I do not want to do it by administrative data.It is for my work. They need a tool for inventory .I mean that if I add more fields in administrative data as ip address, I will have two fields that have ip address data. Please help me. in my job need to a good tools for inventory. In my job works in my work we are under audit pci dss.

answered Jan 27 by kvlopez (220 points)
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Hi @kvlopez,

What is the operating system of the client machines to integrate ?

I think the best thing is to create a program or a script :

- Run this script on the client machine that generates an OCS Inventory XML file by integrating the information you need


- Run this script with questions (like computer name, ip address, etc.) that will personalize the XML file

Thus, you can integrate the relevant information through the local import function of OCS reports.

Regards, Stéphane

answered Jan 27 by steph78630 (16,910 points)
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There is a way to create a complete list of peripherals and computers.
That's what you need in my company where I work. They have thought about investing in some software, the image is how we carry the inventory. A single list of computers and peripherals. Is there a way to show a single list?

this is other error . I can´t upload files in ocs or xml in ocs WEB . Using the injector script works for me. but when I want to use the scrip to upload in xml files it does not work for me.

Please help me .

answered Jan 28 by kvlopez (220 points)
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