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Use both service and standalone agent

Use both service and standalone agent simultaneously in the same computer

I need to have two servers with OCS, one of them manages all the computer of the network and all computers use the Service version deploy

But also i need that some computers be inventoried using stand alone deploy (through  logon script) (or somehing else) sending their inventory to another server because i need to have access to the information of this computers separately

When i try send the inventory using OcsLogon with the URL of the second server
i got this messages

Parsing command line arguments...OK
Searching OCS Inventory NG Agent installed version...OK (
OCS Inventory NG Agent version already installed, skipping setup.
Windows automatically starts OCS Inventory NG Service, no need to launch Agent.
All done, exiting ;-)

The server doesnt receive the inventory
So ┬┐is there a way that i can afford my requeriment ?

Thanks in advance

Server Version:

OCSInventory 2.4


OCSNG-Windows-Agent-2.0.4 (Services)

OCSNG-Windows-Agent- (Stand alone).

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