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Issue with quad chassis from SuperMicro

We have a number of SuperMicro Super Server quad chassis like this one:


This is 4 blade/node chassis. The issue is that only one node at time is reporting, so for example if I run the agent on node1 it sends out the XML file to the server fine, and it shows in the computer list, but when I manually run the ocs agent from another node, say node3, in the same chassis, the node1 info gets overwritten by info from node3. I don't see this behaviour on another types of servers, like HP with multiple blades in the same chassis.

My hunch tells me that identifying information sent is tied to the chassis id somehow so ocsng server thinks of it as the same machine reporting and overwrites the previous database entry.

Did anyone else experience there same issue and is there a workaround since this sill be a major stumbling point getting it into production.

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