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Server Update lead to blank page

Hello all !

I've just updated my OCS Server on my test serveur from 2.6 to 2.7.

Everything gone right, I followed all step found on your site to update it correctly.

Then I went on my browser..  ocsreports, I put my name/password ..  and once logged I got a blank page.

Everythink was working fine before the update. I'm still searching what could cause this blank page (bad path, missing configuration, permission problem ?...) but, do you have any idea about what could do this ?

Thanks you for your help !
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7 Answers

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Look at apache error log file to see if you got some errors.


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Je pense que vous n'avez pas utilisé le script d'installation (setup.sh) mais que vous avez juste remplacer le dossier ocsreports.
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I'll check apache log file.

Si si j'ai utilisé le script d'installation, aucune erreur pendant l'installe...
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des erreurs dans le ficher error.log d'apache ?
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I'm in the same situation, looking for solution.

You discovered something?

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Hi all, the file is: error.log

Same problem, here.

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I had the same problem, and after re-applying permissions on OCReports folder and fixing SElinux permissions, I succeeded to finish the update to v.2.7, 

see the following link for details:


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