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CVE Reporting - No data available in table

I setup CVE Reporting:



 VULN_CVESEARCH_HOST = HTTP host serving CVE-Search on port 80

I ran the script on the OCS server to pull in initially by running:

 # cd /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/crontab/ && php cron_cve.php

 CVE's Data processing ...

 0 CVE has been added to database


Did I miss a step? 

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I also want to add that I'm using a nginx reverse proxy. That's why I can use port 80 otherwise stick to port 5000.
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You'll have to use the same host that you'd use to connect to the cve-search site. So the :80 can't be different than what you use for :5000.
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I'm having same issue. Upgraded OCS from 2.6 -> 2.7 on 12.5.2020 then tried to run cve like this:

# cd /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/crontab/ && php cron_cve.php

 CVE's Data processing ...

 0 CVE has been added to database

Should there be some other result in this "0 CVE has been added to database" when this is functional or might that be just cosmetical error? I mean "10 CVE has been added to database" or something like that?

I can also curl the http://cve.circl.lu:80/

This is how configuration looks like:

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You can follow the progress by looking at the log ofthe CVESearch service as the OCS cron queries each product like Adobe Air or Centos from the database. 

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Running OCS Inventory 2.8 but I can't get this to work.

When I start the script manually:

cd /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/crontab/ && php cron_cve.php

The script runs for couple hours with output something like this..

Processing Microsoft softwares ...

Processing Microsoft Coporation softwares ...

Processing Microsoft Corporation softwares ...

Processing Microsoft Corporations softwares ...


Result: 0 CVE has been added to database


Should there be something else than "0 CVE has been added"?

I have tried with these server addresses



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same issue for me (OCS server v. 2.8 from scratch)...

> I already had the same issue on several of my OCS servers in 2.7

Does this feature really work for someone ?
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