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2.7(server) software, all software counts 1 (one)

Hi. after upgrade to 2.7(server)
Clients 2.6.64Bit.
browser FF 75.64Bit

All software counts 1 (one) ??

 - when open i.e. software - Irfanview, all the PC´s showing the software i.e. , but the software says 1. In all the versions..

It works :-) But the visual all counts 1 (one)

I hope you understand, what i mean..

In the old server version, the count where for all diferents...

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8 Answers

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i have the same - all software counts 1 in ocs-inventory 2.7 .
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Same here all software counts 1, OCS Inventory NG server 2.7

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I have the same problem.

Go to Inventory > All software

Wait a moment, or in the search textbox, type the name of a software.

In the count column, there is only the number 1.

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Anybody ???

What to do, to fix this issues ??
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Hello, I have the same problem. It was a very useful option, but now, doesn't it work anymore ? Thank you!
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This has been corrected. For test try the latest nightly build available here http://download.ocsinventory-ng.org/nightly/


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This has been corrected. For test try the latest nightly build available here http://download.ocsinventory-ng.org/nightly/



is blank software data after upgraded Y__Y nightly lasted 

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Software inventory has been rewrite. Softwares table don't exist anymore. With next inventories the new table will be filled.


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