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add a custom list in Statistics page

Hi, is there a doc on how to add a custom report under statistics page?


I have found my way to 


and made a copy of msstatstop.class.php and customized the class name. I am fairly advanced in PHP and should be able to navigate my way around the code to pull data from databse, but just wondering if there is a developer doc on how to add reports to statistics.  (also feel free to direct me to correct method if i am going about this incorrectly).

All I am going to do is pull a quick report and sort by installed version of categories "web server" and "database server" which I created. 

├── class

│   ├── msstats.class.php

│   ├── msstatsconnexion.class.php

│   ├── msstatsdrp.class.php

│   └── msstatstop.class.php

├── files

│   └── ms_stats_top_soft.txt

└── ms_stats.php

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1 Answer

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i figured it out. edit the mstats file and look at sql commands.
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