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Not able to register in forum


A colleague is trying to register on this forum without success. The website keeps on reporting "Please complete the anti-spam verification"

So I thought I would also try registering using a different email address. I reached "Anti-spam verification: What is the main function of OCS Inventory NG?". I answered as "Assets Management". Then again I got "Please complete the anti-spam verification". Again I typed in my answer and clicked the Register button. But again I am getting "Please complete the anti-spam verification" notification. It goes on and on. Never ending. 

Are we supposed to type in a long paragraph as an answer? I don't recall having this issue when I first registered my username. 

How can I proceed please?


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The Software name is OCS "Inventory" NG.

In the Name of the software is the Answer of the Question.

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Look the name of the software and you will find the answer :)
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I must be very stupid because I have copied pasted everything from the main OCS site which describes the software's function but still not able to register username. It keeps on notifying me like below. 

Please complete the anti-spam verification


What is the exact answer please? This is very puzzling to me. 

Thank you.

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Thank you all.

Now I can register.


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Come on, this was hard! Tried everything too. 

The right answer it's inventory with the lower i letter

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