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Silent uninstal the Windows Agent

How can we uninstall the agent silently from the user computer?

Saw a lot of answers about it, but nothing to help us.

Tried: uninst.exe  /s

It does not work :(
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uninst.exe /S

works with 2.05 and 2.4.0 agent

You must use a capitalised /S

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In windows agent,

you can directly uninstall by getting into C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent and "uninst" the application.

for windows it's pretty stright forward to uninstall the ocs agent.
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for windows it's pretty stright forward to uninstall the ocs agent.

I totally agree, but there are still some confirmation file residues like in "c:\ProgramData".
We don't have this problem with other OS :-)


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Thank you guys, but executing the "uninst.exe" file it's not "Silently" , it will ask permission and options for the user.

I want to uninstall it silently, the same way we can Install it silently using the /S option

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