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install ocs for redhat 5 and centos 5


can you please to tell me how can I install ocs for redhat 5 and centos 5, do you have a manual of installation ?

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i can't recommend to install the server to such old linux distribution.

CentOS will stay a long time at specific php version, and even Centos 7 isn't a good distribution if you need the newest distro, for example if you need to run glpi on the same host.

i can recommend this installation manual on debian


if you wan't to install a minimal client - i can recommend


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It's not because you are a debian lover, that Centos is not a good distribution.

I have read your documentation and found many errors ...
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Centos 5 is very old. If you want to install the server, choose Centos 7 that is supported by RedHat and by OCS Inventory. We provide also RPM to made an easy install.

Centos 7 is a really good distribution with a long support by the editor. Think to upgrade your server.

If you want to install the agent, you must use the tar.gz manual installation. We don't provide RPM as centos 5 is not supported anymore by RedHat. The agent must run whitout problem on Centos 5.
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My OCS-Installation is also running on Cento - so i like CentOS 7

I wrote that it was the wrong distribution if you NEED the newest PHP because the you have to use specific repositories.

I don't know why you gave me a Minus 1 vote kapouik when i help people to get ocs-inventory running.
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I'm really sorry I did not notice that I put -1

I do not even remember having voted

I was able to install ocs on redhat 5 it took a lot of work

thanks for your return
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