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overwriting existing files did not work



we use OCS to keep some files on our machines up to date. We create a zip with several files which should be deployed to all machines. On the target all files are in one folder.


The last Update-Run did not work. download32 is running forever, the log only shows:

DOWNLOAD => Executing action <STORE> for package <1408603411>
    PACKAGE => Unzipping data to folder <c:\vorlagen> for package <1408603411> on <Tuesday, November 04, 2014 10:27:48>


If I kill download32, delete the downloaded files, delete also c:\vorlagen and start the inventory the files are downloaded and installed as they should.

The Folder c:\vorlagen and the files in there where installed by a previous run from ocs.


It seems that OCS has a problem to overwrite files deployed by itself.


Are there any hints about this?




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1 Answer

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Store action don't delete file if it allready exist. That's normal.

You can launch a .bat command file and put in instruction to erase old file and copy new file.
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