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login with admin failed (User not registered)


I can't login with admin in ocs inventory anymore. I've changed the password a few month ago and now...I forget it! So I went to the server and tried the following:

1. Stop the MariaDB-Server via sudo service mysql stop

2. sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

3. to Login on MySQL-Server I used mysql -uroot

4. I changed to the ocs database with use ocsweb;

5. Then I updated the password: update operators set PASSWD=PASSWORD('MyNewPasswd') where FIRSTNAME='admin';

The command select * from operators where FIRSTNAME='admin'; shows that everything's fine.

I quit the mysql server, started it via sudo service mysql restart and also restarted apache2.

If I try now to login with admin at the web interface I get the error above.

Actually I use OCS 2.4.


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1 Answer

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I found a solution:

deleting admin and set the NEW_ACCESSLVL in my personal account to sadmin was the answer.
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