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OCS Agent service error

Hello, The OCS Agent service returns an error in the windows event log. No log is generated and no contact with the server is made. The TTO_Wait of the INI file is modified. error :

Can't launch OCS Inventory NG Agent (敇⁴佃卍䕐⁃牅潲㩲䔠牲牯挠摯〲″‽敌猠獹敭渠憒瀠獡琠潲癵⃩鉬灯


This error appears on different windows version.

I am using Agent 2.4
if I start the inventory manually,

it works perfectly.
thank you for your help
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1 Answer

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I have the same error, client on windows server 2012 r2. But my agent is 2.6
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