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Agent 2.6 is broken after update from Epel repo

CentOS 7.7.1908

After update from ocsinventory-agent-2.6.0-2.1 to version ocsinventory-agent-2.6.0-3 from Epel repo the agent stopped working.

[root@host ~]# ocsinventory-agent
Failed to load Ocsinventory::Agent, Global symbol "$self" requires explicit package name at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Ocsinventory/Agent.pm line 166.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 1) line 1.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 1) line 1.

you can run the agent directly for its source directory with --devlib
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Hi all,

I confirm this issue also at my end with the same repo.

my 2 cents
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I have push a new package that override those from epel. I will work now.
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@kapouik thanks! what is the repo address you had pushed the update
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I only do it for rhel/centos 6 and 7. I have prepare some change also for fedora and rhel/centos 8 but not tested (so I don't publish it now).
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Thank you @kapouik for your time. I appreciate that. However, I can't see any new packages from Epel repo, but "OCS Inventory NG repository for Enterprise Linux 7", which I've had disabled works now.
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hello, after enabling the repo OCS Inventory NG repository for Enterprise Linux 7 - x86_64, and installed the ocsinventory-agent-2.6.0-5.el7.ocs.x86_64 and
ocsinventory-agent-core-2.6.0-5.el7.ocs.x86_64 we get when we run
/usr/sbin/ocsinventory-agent --force
Can't open display

this is effectively blocking new installations at least on rhel 7.

what do you advise?

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Try whitout --force. This parameters is only for test. If you get the sames message, I will look on it.
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when checking the docs

--force would always send and inventory even if the schedule is different

anyway, we tried and the log say: [error] Cannot establish communication : 400 Bad Request
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By default, OCS agent don't send a full inventory each time you launch it. It only do a contact, check if there is something new from the server and give an inventory if something change on your computer. If nothing change, it will send a full inventory once a week (If I remember correctly, this is the default parameters).

If you send a full inventory, the database of the server will grow up very quickly (good for having bad performance) and the network traffic will be more important.

--force is not a standard parameters, this is for test, for debug or other state not in production.

For your problem, please send a full log in debug mode of your agent : it look like you have a certificat problem
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