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Wake up time for single agent


We have had a laptop stolen and it has ended up in Africa.  The OCS-NG_WINDOWS_AGENT_v2.0.4.0 is installed on this laptop and it seems the thief didn't bother to reload the laptop.

This gives us an opportunity to either retrieve remote documents or pictures and in the end to disable the laptop.

My question is, can I cause this one agent to wake up on an hourly basis instead of the default value of 4 hours?  The laptop OS specs are:

Windows 7 Professional with a user running as a real Administrator

Thanks for an suggestions!

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1 Answer

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The defaut value is 24 hours. You can easy change it for your agent to 1 hours if needed.

Whit the apache log, you can retrieve the public IP address to and give it to the police too.
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