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Vmware plugin : No Data in Database

Good day,

I Installed OCS 2.7 on RHEL 7.8
All is working well except the Vmware plugin :

My agent is correctly creating the tables in the MariaDB  and getting results from my vCenter Appliance (VCSA). Though, the Database tables remain empty.
I installed perl-SOAP-Lite because I thought this was the cause of the problem but it does not seem to help :

If I run my agent with the command :

And I check the results like this :

I can see that all the VMWARE entries are well created in the XML file, with the details of the 3 datastores, etc. :

Though, in my Web Browser, I cannot see any entries in the Vcenter Plugin tables :

Same problem if I directly query the DB :

Any idea ?
I'm struggling with that problem since days :(

Many thanks !!
Cheers !

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7 Answers

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I think there is generally problem with the plugins and the v2.7

I updated my server (CentOS 7) from 2.6 to 2.7 and now i can't get the plugins to work.

When i tried to update the first time, all I got was the login screen and after that, a blank page.


So, i tried the rpm installation and everything seemed OK


Then i realized that the miscellaneous section with the extensions, was not updated.

At the time, i had 2.4 agent, so i updated and tried the latest 2.6 agent.

But no, nothing changed, so i started my server from scratch (no backups kept) and installed again with the rpm, but the problem remained.

No errors at the agent or the httpd. I enabled the debug on ocs and everything seems fine. I even modified one vbs plugin to export the values to a log file, to ensure that OCSInventory.exe runs it and has any values. The table in the database exists but it is empty.

I also enabled general query logs at mariadb, but i can't find in the log file any query related to the plugins.

Previous 2.6 was working fine.
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Exactly the same behavior... No error nowhere in any of the logs. I enabled verbose logging wherever I could but can't see anything wrong.
Just hope it won't be the same with all other plugins; I was planning to test quite a bunch of them..
Maybe I should revert back to 2.6

Cheers !
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We are out of luck. I've tested 14 different plugins...
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Well, there is an extra step for the plugins that needs to be installed on the Communication server.


Now the extensions started to work, not all of them, but it's a start...
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I'll try today to revert back to 2.6 and see if things get better...
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Yes, I just saw it an hour ago :-)
I'm installing it...

Hope it will work.
Thanks !

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