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Prevent Ocs agent from uninstall

Hi there,

Is there a function  like when you want to uninstall the application

and it will pop up a windows and tell you to enter the password?

I want to encrypt the Ocs agent to prevent uninstall from users

Ocs server version:2.7

Ocs agent version:
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3 Answers

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as a normal user you can't uninstall the agent

Kind regards
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Hi sokatra,

Thank you for your information,

But most of our users have the authority of local administrator

unless the VMWare's users

Or is there anyway to hide it in the repair or remove programs in control panel?

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if you have admin rights - you have admin rights.. and you can do anything

users should not have admin rights.. There is a way do prevent uninstallations even for admins (like antivirus software do) but this is very complex to program.

So i really recommend that you disable adminrights for every normal user.


kind regards

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