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Schannel error when Microsoft VBS plugin installed?

I recently installed OCS inventory for our company. It was working fine but after installing the Microsoft Office key plugin all of our machines are continually getting a schannel 36888. I confirmed that by renaming the msofficekey.vbs and reboot the issue goes away on that machine. Has anyone else had this issue? is this, since I know what it is a real issue? Should I drop it? It doesnt seem to be interfering with anything.

Our installation is on a Turnkey OCS Inventory Linux install that is housed on a Server 2012 Hyper VM. I had trouble geteting it to work following the wiki, so I went this route. I would like to try the install again, but was hoping to avoid it unless necesarry/
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I would like to know, which security software you are using?


In case you are using McAfee, Schannel Error 36888  is expected behavior because McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) is attempting to identify system services and ports, as well as determine the vulnerability status. The Schannel errors are written to the Windows Event log and can be many thousands of events, depending on the scan configurations and number of scan targets.           




Use the steps in the following Microsoft article to disable the event logging for Schannel:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/260729/en-us


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