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The TAG update how does it work?


The TAG update how does it work?

I set this on the server: OCS_OPT_ACCEPT_TAG_UPDATE_FROM_CLIENT = 1

I have a workstation. I install an agent with TAG: OLD. The 'OLD' TAG is displayed on the web interface.

I am uninstalling the existing agent. I am installing another one. Its  TAG: NEW. The TAG is not updated on the web interface. I tried to force. I deleted the machine from the database. Unfortunately, the old tag reappeared.

Server: 2.6, Agent:

Please, help me!
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I also experienced this on server v2.7. Step by step:

- install new machine, for example TAG: cat

- I will reboot after installation

- OCS Inventory web dashboard displays TAG: cat

- I am uninstall OCS agent and I am install new OCS agent with new TAG: dog

- admininfo.conf contains the TAG well (dog).

- reboot machine

- The old TAG is still visible on the console. The admininfo.conf has been rewritten to the old TAG (cat). Why???

- If I rewrite it after that, it will be rewritten everywhere.

Please help me!
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Hello my friend, I have the same problem. Can you help me please?
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How can I help you? The problem still occurs. :(
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J'ai le même problème :

- Suppression de l'ordinateur "A" comportant le TAG "X" de l'inventaire OCS
- Désinstallation du Client OCS (+ purge des dossier dans Program Files et Progam Data)
- Réinstallation du client OCS sur l'ordinateur "A" en avec le TAG "Y"
- L'ordinateur "A" remonte dans l'inventaire avec le TAG "X" (ancien tag)

Savez-vous où est stocké le TAG sur les ordinateurs clients ?

Client OCS Inventory 2.4

Le fichier z-ocsinventory-server.conf est configuré avec les valeurs ci-dessous  :

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Is this issue resolved or is there any solution? I have the same issue. The tag is apparently being saved in ocsinv.adm file. But if I install agent again the ocsinv.adm file automatically gets populated, why is that and how can we stop that? The OCS_OPT_ACCEPT_TAG_UPDATE_FROM_CLIENT flag is set to 1. The tag in configuration file is ignored by the agent if the device already exists on ocsinventory server.

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Facing the same issue. Tag is not updating even after the re-installation. Is there any workaround?
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