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Deployment Tool : open or read setup log file


Every time I deploy the 2.8 Windows Agent (x64) with the Agent Deployment tool (2.3) I get the error "Unable to open or read setup log file on remote host" even if the deploy is OK

The file is present on ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent


I guess that the Deployment Tool does not look at this file name?

Host <xxxxx> Retrieving Setup Log file for remote host...

Host <xxxxx> *** ERROR *** Unable to open or read setup log file on remote host:  The system cannot find the file specified.

Host <xxxxx> Disconnecting from remote host...

Deployment finished (0 success, 1 failed) !

EDIT : another issue. The deployment tool doesn't not put the plugin files on the right directory. For X64 agent they are pushed on "Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\Plugins"
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Careful, this is a answer only for your edit

I don't have answer but i have the same problem. I suspect that the problem come from the account used when installing agent, a wrong environement variable. because environement variable are not the same between a administrator account or user account.

you can try this installing agent with the parameter /work_dir="path to directory", maybe it solve the problem.

Personally, for the plugin, i bulid 2 packages, one for x32 and another for x64, and i deploy it with server. It allows me to update plugins like i want without uninstall/reinstall agent.

i you found a solution, please tell us

PS : Sorry, for my bad english, i'm a french frog ^^
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I'm having the same problem trying to deploy the X64 version to a Windows 10 PC.
Which path did you use?
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