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Administrative Data fields search bug ?

Hy , i think i have found some bugs regarding custom administrative data fields.

I created a tab named "Department"

Now i created about 20 checkboxes with the department name - for example "reception" or "purchasing" and so on.

I then checked the checkboxes on all computers - (on some computers i checked 2 or 3 checkboxes at the same time)

Now, when i do a search with "various criteria" - chose a parameter - account info "Department" the search will return false results.

For example  3 computers  have a marked checkbox for reception - but the search returnes not only these 3 computers - the search will return some computers with a marked checkbox "sale"

I think this happens because the search does the following

select distinct HARDWARE_ID from accountinfo where ( ( fields_17 like '%5&&&%'))

This search will also find fields where the fields_17 entry is filled with 15 instad of 5

This only happens if i have more then 9 Checkboxes


2.  Another  bug appears if i delete a checkbox - the SQL Database entry will not be deleted. For example if a would like avoid the first bug and create another "departement" Tab with not more then 9 checkboxes i have to delete the checkboxes 10 to X in the first department tab.

But if i do a search directly after deleted the checkbox - the search will return the same result as before - because once a computer has an entry for checkbox -this data in SQL will never be deleted- so the result is the same as before with one difference - the search returnes computers with empty department names.

in other words -  if i delete a checkbox the Checkbox name will be deleted - but the internal fields filled withentrys like 1&&&5&&& NEVER gets deleted


Kind regards
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