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SNMP not inventory remote network

Dear all,

Hope that someone can help me with this. I can't manage to inventory a remote network with OCS. It just makes a ping and then stops.

SNMPWALK works without problems.


[debug] =END=SERVER RET======

[debug] Calling handlers : `end_handler'

[debug] [download] Calling download_end_handler

[debug] [snmpscan] Calling snmp_end_handler

[debug] [snmpscan] Snmp: Scanning network

[info] [download] Beginning work. I am 4033.

[info] [download] No more package to download.

[debug] [download] End of work...

[debug]  - Net::Netmask loaded

[debug]  - nmap found

[debug]  - Net::Ping loaded

[debug] [snmpscan] Scanning with ping

[debug] [snmpscan] Snmp: Ending Scanning network

[info] [snmpscan] No more SNMP device to scan

[debug] sending XML

[debug] sending: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


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13 Answers

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I'm also strugling to have a network of core switches inventoried.

Is there any chance to get data of switches via SNMP and directly add to the inventory? I don't have a computer with the agent on the same network of the switches.

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same problem on my side. i Also scanning a remote network without a agent in this network!
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Same issue for us. (snmpwalk ok, certificat ok)

XML file emply, and if I check the network with tcpdump (from the agent side), I see the snmp answer.


log :
[Thu Dec 31 11:01:16 2020][debug] [snmpscan] Scanning device

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:28 2020][debug] [snmpscan] Scanning device

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:40 2020][debug] [snmpscan] Scanning device

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][info] [snmpscan] No more SNMP device to scan

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][debug] sending XML

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][debug] sending: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][debug] [snmpscan] End snmp_end_handler :)

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][debug] [download] Calling download_end_handler

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][info] [download] Beginning work. I am 84260.

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][info] [download] Option turned off. Exiting.

[Thu Dec 31 11:01:53 2020][debug] [download] End of work...

Thanks for your help.
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