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Problem with Android Agent


I have an error when tryin to send inventory from my agent to my server : Unknown format (magic number 683c)

Android system = 4.4.2

Server = Windows Seven Pro SP1
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3 Answers

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Which version of the server do you use ?
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I use version 2.1.2
Any feedback...?

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I have the same problem when i try inventory an android.

Our OCS server version is 2.1.2  installed on CentOS 6.6

Our OCS client version is 2.1.5 on Android 4.2.1

Have proved many configurations but its not posible.

Has somebody any idea about this?

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I have to Same Problem on Android 5.0.2 with Agent Version 2.1.5

The Communicationserver is running on an Ubuntu Machine with Ubuntu 12.04

Any Help?
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